Office Suites & Support


Office Suites Support

In your day-to-day job, you face administrative tasks that require use of Office Suites and it’s time consuming. Our experts provide you suitable and effective support to analyze your needs, automate tasks in order to improve performances and results accuracy.
Our expertise in Microsoft Office and LibreOffice suites cover:

  • Data Entry
  • VBA Macro, Forms & Formula
  • Database, Queries & Forms
  • Presentation templates design
  • PDF conversion to Excel, Word documents
  • Scanned document to Excel, Word documents

Applications & System Support

Based on demand, we can provide third-part applications or systems support. Sometimes, your needs are only once in a time and you do not need a yearly maintenance contract. This service has been created for that reason.

We also provide Web Scapping from internet.



Every computer user is one day face a new software or a new software feature. Some people will learn alone in or out of work, and some people need a teacher to assist them to ensure a progressive acknowledge.